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Hapi has been making music and singing from a young age. Her first song to get the full production studio works was 'Millennium Woman' at the beginning of the millennium as a positive song of strength and independence. She had a great time making a video for song with her friends, it's still available to view on YouTube and under the Media in the Menu, above. 

She went on to write a collection of songs which are released on the EP titled 'Alternative Energy', originally released in 2008 and a re-released in 2020. Hapi's first album was released in 2009 titled 'Every Atom Is Sacred' and she is currently putting the finishing touches to her forthcoming EP titled 'human nature changes' which will be some of the existing rock tracks remixed into a dance track and a couple of completely new tracks. Available below is the new 'The Lost Species' EP which raises awareness of the extinction crisis and was written following the realisation that the path for her to follow musically was the theme of extinction as conveyed clearly to her by her discovery of the extinction symbol in 2016.

She already has plans underway to write another album. Follow on social media (links above) to stay current with developments! 


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