Phuwcha Dreams 

I think I have always been interested in the future, I mean the past is interesting but the future is where everything is, from now. I am trying to learn more and more about this anthropocene era we are in and in my own little way try to do whatever I can to bring about the most favourable outcome possible. There's every possibility that plant life will dominate the planet towards the end of the century, mammals having been wiped out, annihilated by humans (who only exist in small numbers).

Then again there is change afoot, there is change in the air but it needs to increase, it needs to begin to increase more quickly than the exploitative factors. The rate of regeneration needs to exceed the rate of annihilation. All of this concerns me even though you could say I might not be directly affected by the sixth mass extinction but actually I have felt directly affected for years. Even though I don't live in country where elephants and giraffes are the native wildlife, it directly affects me when I hear of or see news stories on social media. A dead rhino mother with its orphaned calf hurts my feelings, it physically affects me, it upsets me a lot and I want it to stop. I would like all of the exploitation to stop and one day it will. Whether that is because of collapse or pre-emptive change brought about my humans changing the system is humanity's current challenge. Everything else needs to go down the list of priorities.

I actually believe the change required is possible but even while humans are changing we are losing species forever, so we can't change quickly enough, or bring back the lost species. My issue is humans can do so much better, we're letting ourselves down, we're not doing our absolute best. As I say, either way, we're going to change. We need to start living with the understanding that humans are not living sustainably on planet earth, that's the clue, the current way of living can't be sustained, we are using 1.7 planet earths.

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