Everything is changing 

Do you think everything is changing including yourself, the people you know, the world? We all have to readjust a lot. Most of the time I find this enjoyable but sometimes I feel stuck. When your objective is saving the world there is so much to do it's hard to know what to focus on - I thought of highlighting children taken away from parents in Aboriginal families in Australia, or my seemingly perpetual bug bear where climate change hogs the headlines whereas species loss through non climate change reasons gets very little traction. I think the best focus though is to try to imagine the world based on what we think it should will look like in the future, maybe I am a futurist.

So, let me tell you about what I think needs to happen....people need to know what business will look like in the future. From my experience (and I don't get this at all) people seem to only be able to envisage either Capitalism or Communism but the future market will not look like either of those. I will call the future ecomony "Ecotalism" and it will be similar to the global economy now except it will be sustainable. In order to get to this point we need to start now, or continue the good work where we elect a responsible government which has a long term plan, we buy and create sustainable products and we refuse to buy from or continue to boycott irresponsible companies.

If there is a way to monetise making the world a better place, we need to do this. Advising the world on how to live sustainably is a way to earn a living. People need to change from making money from physical products to making money from advising people to live within the planet's resource limits. Imagine if this idea took off? I still think we might be able to accelerate positive change and solutions to slow down and reverse the current trend of destruction and exploitation. From what I have seen there is a demand for answers and solutions to problems and also for clarity, there seems to be some confusion about some issues. 

We need to be seeking out, supporting and paying people who are genuinely trying to fix things. What we do not want is any greenwash, there's a lot of that about. If it's a large global multinational saying they are saving the world with a new scheme then this will unfortunately inevitably be greenwash. Recently I was at a small conference lead by an online marketing leader. I was describing my current idea which is for ecotronic music (which is music with meaning, not love songs for people but love songs for the planet) and I suggested I could monetise information on how to rewild in your local town by turning lawns into wildflowers, bringing garden ponds back and leaving gaps in fences for hedgehogs etc. I spoke for a couple of minutes and the guy running the group said I should get a round of applause, that was really sweet but the faces soon went back to the usual money money money face. We do need money though, it is very tough to live without enough money.

Thanks for reading and keep fighting!

Hapi & the Lost Species




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