Sound of Silence #SOS 

Our new video is released at last and available to watch here: 

Sound of Silence by Hapi and the Lost Species

We have chosen to cover an all time classic, the Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel and also famously covered by rock band Disturbed. This is the perfect song to do a cover version of because of the lyrical content aligning with the band's ethos. We're raising awareness of the silencing of nature where over previous decades, even centuries wildlife has diminished to make way for more humans therefore the collective sound wildlife makes is less and less. 

Where we had huge flocks of birds we now have much smaller flocks, where we had large herds of mammals these are all greatly deceased and where we had many more thousands of insects whose wings hummed in the air, we now see much lower numbers of these essential life forms. 

The theme also ties in nicely with Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, a book published in 1962, warning of the consequences of using pesticides on the large scale still in use now. The outcome is fairly obvious, pesticides kill insects indiscriminately. What a strange world where we kill the animals we need for pollination to create seed for food we need. 

As nature becomes more and more depleted as a result of human actions we are able to recognise this impact on the natural world and label it as the annihilation or extermination event it is and even name the era as the anthropocene where humans are changing every aspect on planet earth, in many cases to its detriment. Also to our detriment - the silencing of nature is an insidious creeping change which we barely notice in our day to day lives but we need to always bear in mind that while wildlife is being depleted every day, humans are not living sustainably and there is no sign of this trend slowing or reversing. 

The shortened version of the sound of silence is aptly #SOS 

Save all our souls and forgive us for what we have done to paradise. 

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